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"I Came To Carry My Children But I Saw This On Their School Gate" - Mother Cries Out

A mother's love for her child is one of the purest forms of love that exist. The bond between a mother and child is very strong

No mother should ever have to go through the emotional and mental pain of being denied access to her child whom she carried in her womb for 9 months. In a video that was shared online, a woman could be seen showing her displeasure after she was denied access to her children in school

According to the woman, she arrived at Adonai Nursery School in Bashiri, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State to pick up her children but could not enter the school compound because the gate was locked with a chain. She saw a notice placed on the school gate saying the school had been sealed by the Ekiti State Internal Revenue Service for none payment of tax

She said it was wrong for the officials to lock up a school with little children inside, and that one of her children is even sick and she was sure that they were all very hungry because they have been locked in the school for 8 hours.

She said if the IRS task force really wanted to do the right thing they should have allowed parents to get their children out before locking up the school

"When the school authorities contacted the IRS officials to at least open the school for parents to pick up their children, the officials said they were on their way coming but till now they have shown up" the woman further revealed.

You could hear the sadness in her voice as she spoke.

Popular activist Aisha Yesufu who shared this video online revealed what she would have done if she were in the woman's shoes.

Aisha said if she went to school to pick up her children and discover that the school was locked up she would break the lock and take her children home.

What will you do if you were in the woman's shoes? See what people are saying about the video and what they would have done

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