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I Married Her, Before I Discovered This In Her Kitchen -Nigeria Man Cries Out

The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing, it's not easy to see the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh and get married to the person.

A marriage is a very Important thing to experience in life, it takes two people in love to willingly agree to be husband and wife to the union of forever.

A Young Nigerian man identified as Tobe chukwu has taken to a Facebook group known as the Enuani people's foundation to disclose what her wife's kitchen looked like and asking the group what he should do to her.

The kitchen was looking so untidy, I discovered that dirty clothes and other things that were not supposed to be in a kitchen were there.

When I saw it, I wonder how they manage to eat from there when the food is served, I also wonder why the man didn't notice it till this very moment.

A lot of people were reacting to the post, some advised him to talk to her so she could change or better still help her arrange her kitchen properly while some find it funny.

The lady has a lot of things to learn or probably their apartment is small and filled with property reason she packed both cloths and other things in the kitchen, although she should have created a space in her room to do all of that, the kitchen is small but there is how they will arrange it with the help of a carpenter the kitchen will turn in shape.

how people reacted.

Marvelous said: Please what I have to say is this just tell her that you don't like dirtiness and I believe she will change. 

Olisa sunny said: You are not yet ready for marriage! If you are ready, there will be no need for this useless Alarm for just One week of marriage.

James Uche said: The poster must be out of his mind to have posted such rubbish.

Kelvin Ndidi said: The Lord is your strength. God will bless you financially so you can get a bigger kitchen.

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