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I Was Born A Muslim, Will Die As A Muslim But I Don't Believe Gombe Mosque Was Burnt By Christians

There has been a report flying round that christian mob launched an attack and burnt down mosque and shops belonging to some Muslims. I have been a muslim since birth, a proud one and I will die as a muslim.

However, I call on my muslim brothers to disregard any report saying that the attack was carried out by Christian mob. This report is misleading, fake and unfounded.

Those peddling rumors that the attack in Billiri local government in Gombe state was done by Christian youth are just doing so to disrupt the unity that coexist between these two religions. Back then in school, I got many Christian friends and they told me about their religion.

They told me about how Jesus Christ encouraged them to love their enemies and pray for them. How then would people who are encouraged to pray for their enemies, carry out an attack on people they don't consider as their enemies? The whole idea of Christians carrying out the attack is nonsensical to me.

As a Muslim, you are know that Islam symbolises peace and no religion based on my finding preaches and encourages violence. The attack on our mosque and shops of some Muslims to me is politically oriented, this must have been planned by people who never want to see Nigeria in peace. My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, don't be ignorant of this misleading information being flooded on Social Media. Let the Government do their job and fish out these evil perpetrators irrespective of their belief. People who do evil should never go unpunished.

The fact that someone bears the name David or goes to church doesn't make him a Christian, a Christian is known by the way he or she lives his life. He is expected to be a peacemaker, my friend told me that those who make peace are called the sons and daughters of God. No Christian would would to be a promoter of violence after knowing what it takes to be called a child of God. The fact that Shekau bears the name Abubakar doesn't make him a muslim, what he does contradicts the teaching of Islam.

Please let's all be guided so that we don't fall for misleading information.

Note: Photos Used In This Article Were Solely For Illustration Purpose

Let's come together and fish out these evil perpetrators irrespective of our belief. The goal is to build a nation where peace and justice reign, also to ensure that people who do evil never goes unpunished. Salam!

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