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If Robbers Attack You, Dial This Code To BLOCK Your ATM Card Quickly

Nowadays, we all need to be careful as the rate of stealing and robbery are increasing. This article, I’ll sharing this little information on what to do incase you lose your ATM card to robbers or misplaced it somewhere in other to unable any access to the money in your account.

Actually a lost or stolen debit card is an anxiety-producing event and for good reason, if somebody uses that card, funds come out of your bank account immediately. You need to act fast so you can put this moment of panic behind you before anything bad happens.

Debit card is way beyond just an ordinary card made out of plastic or metal; cards are money. So it’s understandable when people go into panic mode when their cards go missing or gets stolen.

Meanwhile I will share this code with you all incase your ATM card get stolen so you can dial the code to block your card instantly.

All you have to do is to dial this code 966911# instantly from any available phone.

See screenshot below;

The code is meant to stop all debit transactions from your phone and your ATM card.

After that, you will receive a prompt that will tell you to insert your account number, do so and follow the next instructions to completely disable fraudulent transactions on your ATM card.

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