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If you make use of gas, stop doing these 6 things; you may be risking your life

The era of using firewood and kerosene for cooking has passed. Although, tger still few homes where they are being use, what we now have these days are gas cylinders that use liquefied petroleum gas.

It's fast, affordable and a good development when it comes to cooking. However, if not carefully handled, it can cause fatal accidents in the kitchen. Here are some things that people who use gas for cooking should not do to avoid explosion.

1. Filling your gas to the brim:

It's very worn to feel the gas to the brim. Gas is liable to expand and might burst out of the valve if care isn't taken. There should be allowances for this expansion to happen. It's advisable to fill the gas to about 80% of the total volume.

2. Shaking your gas container:

Nigerians can be very funny. They will shake their gas cylinder to determine the remaining gas in it. This is very bad and could cause explosion. It's advised that you properly weigh your gas to determine the amount left at any point in time.

3. Keeping your gas cylinder inside your home;

For no other reason should you keep your gas cylinder inside the main house. Gas leaks has caused many accidents in the past few years. You can put them outside and connect them to the stove inside.

4. Wrecked rubber tubes:

The rubbers on gas cylinders are very important. They help to prevent gas leaks and also serve as the valve in the cylinders. Rotten rubber tubes could lead to gas leaks and fatal home accidents.

5. Keep gas bottle upstanding at all times:

Gas cylinders are not generator tanks, you don't need to bend them to access gas. Bending them could allow the gas explode due to velocity and contact between gas molecules.

6. Don't leave cooking flames unattended to
Look at the lady in the picture, she's trying to change the pots on her gas cooker. It's advisable that you first switch off the flames before changing pots. Flames should not be left unattended to.

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