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If You Plan To Be Wealthy, You Need To Invest ln These Four Assets

The poor will tell you to go to school, get a high paying job and you can never create wealth from that thinking pattern. Things can change in that company and you can get fired in the twinkle of an eye. The rich always believe they need to work for assets. There are four asset classes that makes you WEALTHY.


If you plan to be WEALTHY today or tomorrow, you need to start your own company. The world is producing large number of super wealthy young guys and most of them are from business. There are increasing number of them in FORBES currently. You can see MARK ZUCKERBERG, LARRY PAGE,JAY-Z, ELON MUSK and a few others. They focused on one thing they are good. They source for funds through different sources to grow and expand their business vision and today they are super-rich.


This is making your real-estate like business. If well-organized and managed, you make steady cashflow without much struggle. You can buy lots of landed property and hold it like forever and watch the environment develop, grow in VALUE and start selling in TRANCHES. You can build RENTAL APARTMENTS and at the end of every six months to a year, you get paid consistently. You turn your land to rental property people can use for events and occasions that can generate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly income.


This is STOCKS, BOND, MUTUAL FUNDS and SAVINGS. This is where most people should be, if they are INCOME EARNER or SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. All these INVESTMENTS are LIQUID, any mistake or news, you quickly sell and get out. If well-researched and held for a long time, you become wealthy. You can buy a good stocks with sound fundamentals for N10 and keep buying steadily in units. You hold it for a long term I.e for years and it becomes N50- N100. You must have witnessed many up and down in the market and when you sell you become WEALTHY.


You buy into OIL, SILVER, GOLD and many other commodities. You hold it for long and as it appreciates, your money value increases and you get a better return on investment for your money. Whether it goes up or down you still keep making money. You can also buy into them through stocks, mutual funds or you buy the raw commodities, hold it till the price go high and sell at a very comfortable price that will make you WEALTHY.

I got this comment from Opera News, This hilarious. Seriously that can't be our Number 5.


If your goal is to become WEALTHY, There is no way to do it without these four assets, they are the path to create wealth and steady income to become RICH.

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