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Mbaka Set To Empower 300,000 Youths, Says He Is Devoted To Kill Banditry And Kidnapping In The Nation

Catholic Priest and the spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has during today's Sunday Holy mass disclosed his plan for Nigerian youths for the year 2021 and 2022. He said he is determined to kill banditry and kidnapping activities in the country.

The prophetic Catholic priest stressed that, it is the idleness of the youths has been forcing majority to them to put hands in committing evil. He said, if youths are employed and paid well, they will not have time to think of kidnapping and terrorism. "If Governments should create employment opportunities for our youths, I am sure, they won't have time for all these kidnapping businesses and other sort of atrocities that is going on in the country.

The philanthropist who made a brief stop during the Holy mass homily to disclose his plans for the year for Nigerian youths said, there will be two categories on how the youths are going to be empowered. The first category is the already existing ministry's platform known as multi life saver and the second one will be Adoration Ministry Skill Acquisition Training Center which is aimed to empower large numbers of youths with different skills.

Mbaka in his further analysis about his plan for the youths said, the registration will commence very soon at the adoration ground where he aim to gather information about an individuals for proper document after which the person will say the type of business he or she want to embark on and how much is required to kick off the business. A stipulated amount of money will be given to such person as loan to encourage him or her to put his best in running the business. This loan is without collateral, he added.

He also disclosed that, those youths with skill are already in a better advantage while others without skills will be enrolled in the training Center free of charge, after which they will be given loan to start off their business. He said, those who will be helped through multi life saver will be free of charge and are not espected to return their seed capitals.

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