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Northern Group Blows Hot, Sends Strong Warning Over The Killings In Oyo State [Details]

A popular northern group known as Arewa Youth Consultative Council (AYCC) has made a strong warning regarding the recent killings of northerners in Oyo state. The group posted on their official Facebook page

The post reads;

As Northern Youths, we're closely following all the inciting actions that continue to claim the lives and wantonly destroy the properties of our brothers in Southern Nigeria, simply because they are Northerners.

We're equally warning every actor in this crime, that 'one madness in the south MAY lead to another madness in the North'. Nobody can tell the effect of the action of MR A to MR B. Kindly and urgently call back to order your senseless youths that are trying to tear Nigeria.

Killing our brothers and destroying their properties is fuelling the already heated tension in Nigeria. Be reminded that Northern Nigeria is equally full of Southerners that are accommodated peacefully in all village and cities, and also remember that when violence and jungle justice becomes a normal thing in the south, lawlessness and abrogatory reprisal may may incite unknown acts in Northern Nigeria.

We're gradually warning and it seems like nobody is seeing the real dangers approaching. Nobody can continue to tolerate attacks on innocent residents; simply because their brothers are alleged to be committing crimes. We are the major victims of banditry, kidnapping and killings in Nigeria, yet our brothers in the south are persecuted and killed in their places of businesses. DON'T allow reciprocity with exact or more violent force have a place in Nigeria!.

Northern Nigeria is not a child playing ground, and when the southern leaders continue to allow these nagging and pushing to the unbearable wall, natural force of man may retaliate in a more uncontrollable manners that's never imagined.

The Southern trouble fuelers must be mindful of how easy it is to beat drums of war and attack innocent citizens of Northern origin, but it is extremely difficult to dance to the beat. Hoping that things will not get to where they can't be controlled. You may act wrongly, only to allow your brothers pay your price.

We hope that the invasion of Arewa settlers communities, killing people and destruction of properties of all kinds will stop, before it become a culture that will lead to another civil unrest. Enough and enough for this madness, we are law abiding Nigerians and doesn't want to be pushed to the extreme!

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