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Opinion: 3 Bad Things That Has Befallen Sunday Igboho, Why He Should End His Agitation Immediately

Sunday Igboho is a well known popular Yoruba activist and also a multi millionaire businessman who came out to sacrifice his time, energy and even his safety just to ensure the safety of the Southerners.

His mighty deeds, along with how he gathers crowd wherever he goes, and how he has managed to maintain his living and social figure despite the amount of money he has spent so far just to see that the agitation keeps prevailing, is what has baffled many Nigerians.

However, ever since this agitation for fulani herdsmen to leave the South West sparked off, many things has befallen the prominent activist as his life has been put at risk at many cases.

Here are 3 things that has befallen Sunday and why I think he has to quit now.

#1: Recall that his house was set ablaze lately after series of clash resulted between his supporters and the fulani herdsmen. However, it was believed as at then that these fulani herdsmen were the mastermind behind this very actions as his house was razed down with fire days after the clash.

#2: At a time a picture of Sunday Igboho was spotted online and the picture showed that he sustained an injury in his left hand. This showed that he is definitely not immortal despite his "charms", this could be more of a sign that it's time for him to resolve all this and move forward.

#3: Recent report as at yesterday has disclosed that Sunday Igboho's account has been blocked by federal government and this could only mean one thing, which symbolises that he has been a form of "threat" towards the country's peace and that is why such actions was taken.

According to my own thoughts following these 3 chaos that has befallen him, I think it's high time he quits the struggle for the sake of his life, and move towards ensuring a positive society where peace could reign as the northern governors has already began to deliberate on cattle ranching which was the major cause of this agitation.

Did you support my opinion or do you have a better suggestion on this very issue?

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  1. Your comment is really stupid & it's this stupid, cowardly, selfish & survivalist mentality that has brought us this far.
    Evil will continue to thrive when good men keep quiet. Everyone needs to be up and doing and support him to have a solution to these problems speedily.
    I encourage him to continue. If he hadn't come out, what would the fate of the liberated Igangan people have been?


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