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Opinion: Why FFK May Find It Difficult To Dump PDP For APC

The defections of the Former aviation Minister during Goodluck Jonathan administration, Fani Kayode has been going round the social media that he dumped his former Party, The Peoples Democratic party PDP to the All Progressives Congress APC. 

Though Fani Kayode debunked the rumors as mere speculations. He made it known to the Public that he has not made the decision to dump the PDP.

Dani Kayode made it known that he still remain in the Peoples Democratic party PDP and that he is just making consultations to the APC Bigwigs accross the nation. It should be recalled that Fani Kayode made consultations to the APC Leaders like the Governor of Kogi state, Yahyah Bello and the national Leader of All Progressives Congress APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently.

Though the outcome of the meeting was not revealed to anyone but it secretly gathered that the consultations was about how Fani Kayode will defect from the Peoples Democratic party PDP to the All Progressives Congress APC. Some are of the opinions that Fani Kayode wanted to work for Tinubu's Presidential Ambition and that was why he want to leave the Party.

Meanwhile, Femi Fanikayode has been the main Opposition Leader who always castigate all the APC Programs. And he has been doing that for Long. Though, Politics is a dirty game and there is no permanent enemy in Politics but nevertheless Fani Kayode will find it difficult a little bit to defect from his Party to the APC.

The Political atmosphere will be somehow cloudy for Fani Kayode in APC. Most of his People are not in the Party. Fani Kayode can't get the People of Likes mind in APC. The APC leaders will always seeing Fani Kayode as alien in the Party. Fani Kayode is not a Progressive Man and he may find it difficult to go APC.

Why FFK May Find It Difficult To Dump PDP For APC.
Going by the History of Fani Kayode, Fani Kayode is never a Progressive Man. He has not been having any good relationship with the Progressives People. His late father named Remilekun Fani Kayode never relate with the Progressives until his death.

Therefore, Fani Kayode can't just defect to the APC just like that. Fani Kayode would prefer remains the opposition Leader than to defect to the the ruling APC where he won't be free with his opinions. Though, Nigerians have seen the way Fani Kayode was romancing the APC Leaders in the country, that was why he was being accused.

The APC Leaders in the country are looking for all Possible means to win the heart of the PDP Bigwigs in the country but People like Dani Kayode. Fani Kayode can't just leave PDP like that and defect to the APC. Meanwhile Governor Yahya Bello had also said it clearly that FFK wanted to come to the APC.

This is just an opinion anyone having contrary opinions should criticize the write up constructively without insults. Kindly Like, Share and Comment reasonably

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