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See How An Artist Disguises Ladies To Walk In Public Without Wearing Any Clothes (Photos)

In this article I am going to show you the handiwork of a super talented body painter who is so perfect, she could paint a model to walk into the street undressed and some people wouldn't even notice. Her name is Jenifer, better known as 

"Jen The Body Painter". 

She is a successful YouTuber who has gained millions of views by painting nude models and making video skits with them.

In this skit, she painted an undressed model Ashley Cole, and let her walk through the street to see if people would notice and how they would react when they do. This female model had only her panties on (completely topless), and then the rest of her body was covered with body paint, well painted to look like a normal clothing. It would require a closer look for someone to notice that she is not putting on any clothes at all.

She was painted from the front, but her back was left uncovered, check out the photos below and see how people reacted when they noticed.

Some people didn't notice when they approached her from the front, until they looked back.

She was halted by two policemen, but after interrogating her, they let her go. See more photos below.

See more of her work below.

Her she body painted a lady to go on a first date with a man she met online, and the young man didn't notice until he was told.

See the end result below:

The painting is so perfect, one won't easily notice that the lady is not wearing any clothes.

Credit: Jen The Body Painter

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