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See What The Daughter Of President Buhari's ADC Did When She Met With Him

Children are gift from God, a gift that light up a home and put a smile on the face of individuals, bringing us to the facts that the personal photographer to President Muhammadu Buhari with the name Bayo Omoboriowo took to his Twitter account to narrate what the daughter of President Buhari's ADC did when she met with him in Aso Villa that made people to react. 

According to his statement he made it known by saying: Today the ADC to Buhari came with his family to present an appreciation letter as he handed over his role to a successor, in preparation for his professional course which is a pre-requisite for his next promotion to the rank of a Brigadier General.

To appreciate the president he came with his wife and beautiful daughter to Aso rock, when he opened the door to the office, his daughter was in a hurry to go in with him to see the president but he asked her to wait outside, fortunately for the little girl Buhari head her voice and asked her to come in. 

She was all over the moon with happiness, and she was just staring at the president through out the event, as seen in the pictures. After everything, the little girl saluted the president after her dad was done with the whole presentation.

What she did to the president by saluting him made people online to react with each airing out their own view. 

I totally love what the little girl did, she is a smart one and looks so beautiful and adorable. Am sure it must have been a dream come through for her to see the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria. On seeing what the little girl did, what do you think? 

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