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Sunday Igboho: I Don’t Have Machine Gun But I Can Command A Bandit To Drop His Weapon And Shoot Himself

During a chat with Femi Fani Kayode, popular Yoruba Activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo better known as Sunday Igboho has made a shocking revelation about his might.

 Femi Fani Kayode paid him a visit in his residence in Ibadan and they had an interesting conversation. 

During their conversation, Sunday Igboho said a lot of things but what caught my attention was when he talked about his might that he would use to evict all herdsmen from the South-West. Contrary to what some people have been saying that Igboho is giving up the fight, He has debunked the rumor and confirmed that he has not even started with them yet. 

In his own words, he says ‘Before the end of next month, they will know that Yoruba too are not cowards. All what I have been doing with them is film trick. I have not even started yet. All those machine guns do not scare me because they are just show of. I do not have machine gun but there is something that I can say to them that would make them drop all their weapons easily for me. I have what it takes to command them to hand over their weapons for me that I want to shoot them.’ Sunday Igboho swore that he has what it takes and he has not done anything yet but in the coming months, he is going to show them what he is really made up. 

Click on this link to watch the video

Pictures from his conversation with FFK

He added that he is tired of all the oppression that the Yorubas have been facing in their own territory. He said it has become too much. According to him, he said he witnessed another attempted abduction in a school Owode, Idi- Iroko in Ogun State on the 18th if February. He said he and his boys were in the area when they heard students screaming from the school. They rushed there and started shooting to scare the bandits away. He said if not because of him and his boys, they would have attacked the school successfully. 

Sunday Igboho said he is ready to put an end to the insecurity and no one can tell him to stop. He said he is ready and he would do whatever it takes.

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