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The Bible Did Not Say Women Should Not Wear Trouser, It Says Women Should Not Wear Men's Clothing

The issues of women putting on trouser have been a debate for a long period of time, but what people fail to understand is that the Bible made us to believe in Deuteronomy 22:5 "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does". 

Now when you look at that, you will find out that it never made mention of trouser and during the Old testament (Deuteronomy is old testament) men don't even wear trouser as of then they wore dress. They wore the chiton: a simple tunic garment of lighter linen, worn by both genders and all ages. Men's chitons hung to the knees, whereas women's chitons fell to their ankles. 

So the issue of not wearing trouser was never mentioned in the Bible but rather mens wear. Looking at the pictures of the type of dress both men and women wore during the Biblical period you can see that men were not even wearing trouser then but a long gown and jacket on top and women on the other hand also wore a different design of gown without jacket but rather with head tie. 

So don't get it wrong the Bible did not say "women should not wear trouser" it says women should not wear men's clothing and you can go through your Bible again and see that it did not mention trouser. Let's not also forget the fact that the official men dress in Scotland is skirt and suit, is skirt not a female dress?

And Bishop David Oyedepo the founder of Winners Chapel has never condemned the use of trouser, you can even see some ladies wear trousers for church service. So the issue of not wearing trouser was never mentioned in the Bible.

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  1. That is the true fact , but the aspects of misusing the clothes is what make a different. Dressing to exposed the body as the temple of God is based on lack of discipline and value. A great man says, dress the way u need to address. Is what comes out of the mind that defile a man. The world is more corrupt of sexual immorality today bcs of the way most of our boys and ladies wear. Don't forget Charity begins at home, change begins from personal .May God ve Mercy. ..


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