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We Have Robbed Four Times And Killed Two People - Child Robber Who Was Arrested Confesses (Watch Video)

Terrible things have really been happening and it's so unfortunate that many children have been dragged into such kind of bad things happening in the society. 

When a child is seen doing wrong and his excesses are not curbed early enough by his parents or guardian, it becomes difficult stopping such children when they get into their teenage years.

I remember back in the days growing up and was still in primary school, how whenever I take my pencils to school, I don't return home with them because some of my classmates, steals them either during break hours or while I'm taking a nap, whenever I realize this I usually cry but no one would speak up as to who took the pencils, until one day I caught this very boy and that was how it ended, because I reported him to our class teacher, he was disciplined and that ended my pencils from missing.

Some parents are the reason some of their children turn out in life, the way they did because while they stealing and bringing home, they kept encouraging by helping them to hide all that they bring to the house.

In a trending video I came across today February 13,2021 that struck me and broke my heart is that of a small boy, who was caught with pistol stolen from the Nigerian Police Force, during the End SARS peaceful protesters that was hijacked by the hoodlums, to cause mayhem in the country. The boy if closely looked at, is not more than 10 or at maximum 12years of age.

He claimed his brother was the one who taught him how to shoot the pistol and he has joined his brother who is now at large with his gang members to rob people of their belongings and so far from the time he joined them, they have killed two people. He looked like one who has been introduced to weed smoking, judging from his looks and lips that looks so much like that of a chain smoker.

He claimed that it was during the End SARS protest at Oba market in Benin-City, Edo State that they stole the guns from the police station they set ablaze. 

He said whenever they rob their victims of their money, they go to Ted located at somewhere called Cartel in Benin-City to share the money. This boy's case to me, is case of a boy from a dysfunctional home.

What do you think would happen to this boy in handcuffs now?

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