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23 Years After He Died And Resurrected In The Mortuary- See Recent Photos Of Jerry Amilo (Pictures)

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Because of what he went through a few years ago, Jerry Amilo is known as the modern-day Lazarus.

Jerry Amilo is a Nigerian actor, actress, and director. He's already an inventor and businessman. He was born in a village in Anambra State on July 21st.

He is best known for his work as a bad boy or a ritualist, and he is a gifted actor. Jerry was one of the pioneers of the Nigerian film industry, having appeared in over 100 films.

Jerry was doing well until 1998, when he was almost killed in a traffic crash. He was rushed to the hospital, but the doctor declared him dead and he was taken to the mortuary, but no one can reverse God's decision. Jerry Resurrected three days after being admitted to the hospital.

According to Jerry, who said he was told everything before he woke up, his car somersaulted several times and he fainted only to wake up in the hospital, he was told he died and was in the mortuary for three days, but the person who came to wash the morgue saw him move and immediately run away until some people summoned courage to step in and quickly rushing him to the ER.

Jerry also announced that he spent two years in the hospital before being released, calling his recovery a miracle that only God could have made possible. He also claimed that his lawyer, who was in the car with him, died on the spot and begged for his soul's rest.

Before the Accident, check out pictures of Jerry Amilo.

Jerry Amilo and his family.

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