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After Biden Stumbled And Fell While Boarding Air Force One, Trump's Son Reacted To The Viral Video

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Former President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr reacted to the viral video that showed the moment President Joe Biden stumbled and fell three times while climbing the stairs of Air Force One. Joe Biden is American's oldest president and even though he stumbled and fell three times, he quickly stood up and gave a salute after he reached the top of the stairs.

Here are some photos below

Meanwhile, Republicans are currently having a field day after this video went viral. This is because Joe Biden once criticised Donald Trump after the former president was recorded walking very slowly down a ramp after giving a speech few months back.

(Photo of Trump walking down slowly down a ramp)

Joe Biden reacted to the video then and said "Look at how he steps and look at how i step, watch how i run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps."

It seems Donald Trump Jr has now found the perfect opportunity to hit back at Joe Biden and the press for criticising his father few months back. Shortly after Biden stumbled and fell three times while boarding the Air Force One, Donald Trump Jr took to his twitter account to slam the press for bashing Trump and also alleging that they may picture Biden as a perfect example of "health" even though he fell repeatedly.

Check out his post below

The White House also reacted to the viral video and claimed that it was the wind that made Biden stumble and fall three times, adding that it was very windy at the moment. Trump Jr also reacted to the claim, check out what he said below

Donald Trump Jr has been tackling the present US adminstration for weeks now after his father left the white house.

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