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After Igboho Demands Oduduwa Republic, Photos of Oduduwa's Republic Map & Currency That Surfaced

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It no new that Nigeria is currently going through one of it dark period as the country is now facing some difficult challenges ranging from terrorism, insecurity, ethnic and religious crises and lastly a threat to it's existence as a nation.

Sunday Igboho have been making rounds across on social media and several news platform largely owing to his tenacity in defending and fighting for the Yoruba people mostly against the activities of herdsmen in the region.

However, few days ago, the popular Yoruba freedom fighter changed his attention from the Fulanis and is now currently demanding for Oduduwa's republic. 

And to show that he was serious about it, he made a promise to open all the borders in the southwest which had been closed by President Buhari’s administration. 

In this same vain, he also threatened any Oba who doesn’t support his move for the Yoruba nation and just yesterday he arrested some military soldiers who came around his house.

This sparked a lot of reactions among Nigerians, albeit amazingly, it appears Igboho's move for Oduduwa's republic is now gaining some support as seen in the instance where he was supported by Proff. Akintoye and some Yoruba youths.

And just few hours ago an alleged map of Oduduwa republic and currency have resurfaced online and below are the pictures:

The Nigerian government is yet to fully respond to Sunday Igboho, albeit until then, what do you think about this? Will Sunday Igboho not find himself in jail for trying to destabilize the nation.

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