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After A Woman Saw An Aboki Putting Sniper In The Fish He Sells, Read What He Told Her

Some vendors who sell food items add potentially poisonous substances to their wares not because they intentionally want to harm people who patronize them, but to scare flies and other insects from the food item. So it is left for you to protect yourself

An example of such foodstuff vendor could be seen in this video shared on Instagram that has generated mixed reactions

A lady approached a fish vendor to buy stockfish from him only to see him spraying sniper all over the stockfish displayed on the table. She immediately got alarmed and questioned him to know why he was spraying sniper on something people buy and eat

The fish vendor wasn't remorseful and instead of giving her an answer, he questioned whether the woman had come to buy fish or to disturb him. She told him that she really wanted to buy fish but can not buy the fish which she saw him spraying sniper on

The fish vendor then pointed to a bag containing stockfish and said he had not yet sprayed sniper on the fishes in it so he would sell from it to her but the woman refused and asked him if he knew that a fish sprayed with sniper was dangerous for human consumption

He then bragged to her that every vendor who sold stockfish sprays sniper on it and he wasn't the only one doing it. He however didn't give a valid reason why he sprayed sniper which he referred to as 'medicine'

The woman took her time to lecture him on the potential harm his spraying sniper on his wares can cause his customers but he got upset and ignored her

Some people who have reacted to this have also complained about vendors who sell beans adding sniper to their bags of beans to control pest and insects

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