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Alleged Student Of Nekede Poly Runs Mad, Read What He Said Before Taking Off His Clothes

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There are people who desire the good things of life but are unwilling to work hard for it. The desire to turn into millionaires overnight has pushed so many into crime

Time and again we have seen those who made their money through dishonest means such as money rituals or internet fraud end up in shame. In a video shared to Facebook a good looking young man obstructed traffic at Cherubim junction wedra, Owerri after he ran made coming down from his vehicle

In the video, the young man parked his vehicle at the junction, came down, and began to utter several words to a being which no one else could see

"Please take back your car and your wealth I don't need it again, I need peace of mind, take back everything you gave me and leave me alone" the young man cried out before proceeding to remove his clothes and jewelry which he threw on the ground leaving him with just his inner wears which he would have obviously taken off if not for the timely intervention of some able-bodied men who wrestled him to the ground

A lady who was with him ran helter-skelter trying to see how she could help him get back to normal, she got water and poured on him to help cool him off but it didn't do him any good

They then decided to put him in the boot of his car and drove him off to get help.

Watch Video Below
Now the source who shared the video alleged that the young man who ran mad was a student at the Nekede Polytechnic and was also a yahoo boy

What are your thoughts on this?

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