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Girls find it difficult to resist guys with these 5 things

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Have you ever wondered why girls keep throwing themselves at you or why they have always been running to other guys around leaving you to live a life filled with loneliness? 

It's either you have these qualities they look forward to seeing in a guy or you don't have. So when girls are all over you, it's either you have these things or you have to work on yourself.

It is funny how guys find this so annoying. Well, I smile a lot when I see a guy finding it difficult to attract a girl. Lol. You all don't want to see me laugh sarcastically. I bet you'd fall in love with me already. Lol. Let's get serious. 

Take these things as seriously as your breakfast then thank me later. 

No girl will resist the following, of she tries to it's either she is in a serious relationship with someone of the same quality.

1. A guy with a good sense of humor owns every lady in the street.

Read that again and smile. Lol. Every girl wants to be happy and they'll do everything to get that. A guy who is good at putting a smile on a girl's face automatically owns her day. She would always want to see him.

2. A fine boy.

Yeah. Always remember this, you've to take very good care of yourself before you can be attracted to a girl. You can just look sheepishly unkempt at the early 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s and expect a dashing, attractive, and smart young-looking girl to smile with you talkless go out with you, it's 100% not possible. Work on this, be catchy, look good. Winks.

3. A guy that understands the mood a girl is.

You'll wonder what this has got to do with girls not resisting a guy. There are time and season for everything, a time to get unserious and a time to take your life with so much seriousness. Knowing when she's in a good mood and taking the chance to be fun around her is a very good one. And not knowing when she's in a bad mood is a very unwelcoming gesture. Whatever you say would not just make sense to her. And that's because she's not in the mood for all your gimmicks that particular time. She wants something else and you're not giving her. Know her mood. 

4. A guy that can cook special delicacies. 

I've heard some shallow-minded guy say they can never enter the kitchen and cook. Lol. That's how shallow a guy could ever think or say. Have you seen the glee and happiness all over her face when you cook for her? Yeah, that's it. Girls are always very clingy when you know how to spice up some special delicacies. They can just resist you it's not possible because if not for anything, she will be hungry someday and it's your food that she will crave for. Learn how to use your utensils and seasonings and a gas cylinder. Lol.

5. A guy with a good job. 

Well, maybe I need to remind us what a good job is. A good job is a job that is capable of sorting out your financial needs. When you claim you have a job, is it a prolific and life-changing one? That's the question you should answer now. We all aspire for greatness in life plus you're not lazy, you're trying, try more, keep it up. Get a good job. Finance your project, be proud of yourself, carry yourself well. Spend on yourself. She can never resist you.

Read again. Have a nice day.

If you've any reservations, questions, or comments, please do well to use the comment box.

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