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"He Asked Me To Act As His Girlfriend For Just 30mins," Lady Shares How She Met Her Soon-To-Be Hubby

A facebook user identified as Utibe Johnson has shown utmost excitement and joy as she looks forward to walking down the aisle with her supposed groom.

The young lady who could no longer hide her enthusiasm took to social media to share how her love story began.

She shared how she met him at the cinema were she went to see a movie, stating that he asked her to act like his girlfriend in front of his siblings which she was reluctant to do at first but after much plead she oblige. According to her it was the first time she saw him.

“I went to the movies on the 30th of July 2019 and I suppose that was the beginning of something amazing... because once, He saw me at the movies, He asked me to act as his girlfriend for just 30mins in the presence of his siblings which I reluctantly did after much plead” she wrote

She revealed that, that was how their status changed from being strangers to becoming friends

She said: “And that was how we became friends”.

She went to share that at that time, she wasn’t interested in anything but friendship and He was very respectful of that and so they stayed just friends for about a year!

She revealed that during the course of their friendship her eyes were opened to lots of things including the type of man he is.

The excited lady couldn’t stop gushing over her soon to be hubby she wrote “I bless God for entrusting my heart in your hands because I know it’s safe. You are everything I prayed for and so much more. Thank you for praying with me, fasting with me, always making time for me, laughing with me, and caring more about me than yourself. Thank you for being kind, loving and full of Integrity.” She said

She revealed that exactly one year after he proposed and her response was “Yes” “On 30th July 2020, you said you couldn’t be without me and asked me to be your wife and I said YES cause I can’t be without you”.

Adding that she is was sorry that it took her so long to realize that he was the one from the beginning  

“And I’d like to say one more thing. I’m SO SORRY that it took me sooo long to realise that it was you. It has always been you. It couldn’t have been anyone else”.

“Thank you for being who you are. My goodluck charm, my King, my lover, my bestfriend. I love you till eternity and beyond”. She concluded

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