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He is The One Sending Us to Go and Steal - Two Kids Exposes Who Was Teaching Them How To Steal

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This video should serve as a warning to parents to always warn their children on the type of company they keep. These two little kids about the age of 6 or 7, exposed another kid who was teaching them to go and steal against their will.

In a new video that was shared online recently, two kids who were caught stealing, exposed the person who was sending them to go and steal. The young kid who was teaching this children this act further exposed another kid Who introduces him into the act.

In the video, an unknown individual could be heard as he interrogates the two kids. The two kids confessed and identified another kid who was slightly older than them, saying that he was the one sending them to go and steal against their will.

The two kids further mentioned that they told their mum what the boy was forcing them to do, and the mother simply warned the boy to stay away from her kids.

But When the boy was asked how he started stealing and why he is teaching these two young kids how to steal against their will, he simply identified another boy whom he claimed introduces him to the act.

The interrogation was further shifted to this young boy who happens to be the pioneer of everything. He narrated how he met with the other boy and how they started stealing together.

Recall that this same kid was interrogated some weeks back, where he narrated how he joined a robbery gang and participated in a total of 4 arm robbery and two persons were killed in the process.

Now the interrogator went ahead to dig more by asking the boy whether he could direct him to where the gang were hiding their guns. The kid simply cooperated as he provided the information detail by detail.

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