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I Dumped Cattle Rearing Job To Become A Full-time Kidnapper For This Reason - Bandit Confesses

The situation in our country now needs only God's intervention, we have heard and read different news that doesn't make people happy at all. 

One of the things we are experiencing is the issues of Bandits Kidnapping, Abductions, killings, and the likes. Boko Haram is there doing the bad things they know to do likewise gunmen.

Remember a few weeks ago, when many people were abducted by bandits in Kaduna. The bandits were reported to have attacked a school in the state before going away with the students. At the end of every, they did a video demanding for #500 million as ransom before they released the students.

Well, we pray that God continues to guide and protect us together with our loved ones.

However, in this article, we will be talking about two bandits, who were arrested. While interrogating them both of them revealed why they venture into that bad business.

The first guy named Danshoho Sadi has been a truck driver ever since he graduated last year, Danshoho who is just 25 said he is an NCE holder but hasn't collected his certificate.

According to him, he said immediately after leaving school he became a truck driver, but with the struggles and other things he consulted his friend Salleh who eventually brought him into the dark business.

Danshoho said, his friend told him the easiest and quickest way to make money is to be kidnapping People. He speaks of how much he was paid at their first operation which is #100,000. 

Salleh who seems to be a herdsman also speaks out that he dump cattle rearing to become a full-time kidnaper because there is much money there, and considering how stressful cattle rearing is.

These two has been arrested, and both of them exposed the reason why they start kidnapping business.

source: Sahara Reporters

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