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Ladies, If Your Inner Thighs Are Dark, See Easy Ways You Can Lighten Them

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When it comes to being a lady, our body is one of the most important thing to us, we always want to protect it from any blemish. Every lady wants to have the kind of body they can flaunt, they want to be comfortable in their own skin

The issue we normally face is that of having Dark Inner Thighs, or a dark bikini line,this can be quite embarrassing. This has stopped alot of ladies from being comfortable, they always want to cover it up.

Before I tell you how to lighten those dark areas, let's first look at what causes the dark areas.

1. Being fat can lead to dark inner thighs, due to the fact that your laps would touch and cause a friction, which would end up being dark.

2. Too much sweating, especially when you wear thick clothes, can cause you alot of discoloration in your skin.

3. Too much shaving of that area can also cause discoloration, it is better to use hair removal cream.

How to lighten inner thighs
1. Cucumber

Slice your Fresh cucumber, use it to rub directly on the affected area, leave for a few minutes then wash off. Do this daily, every morning and night for a better result, your skin would be back.

2. Orange peel

Orange is known to be a bleaching agent, even the peel can serve as an exfoliator for your skin. All you have to do is to get the orange peel, allow it to get really dry and grind it, then mic with water, and honey to form a paste.

Apply this paste in the affected area, leave for few minutes and wash off, do this daily.

3. Aloe Vera is another natural lightening agent

Cut the Aloe Vera to remove the gel in it, scrub the dark area with the Aloe Vera gel and leave for a few minutes before you wash.

4. Lemon

Just like Orange, the Lemon can also serve for exfoliating, just apply the juice on your skin and wash after a few minutes.

5. Tomatoes

Cut a Tomato, and then scrub the juice on the affected area properly, then wash in a few minutes.

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