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Ladies, Once You Clock 25 Years, Reduce Your Intake Of These 4 Things If You Want To Live Long

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Women have a lot to do in promoting a good life. Every woman wishes to have a good life. A good life is not a world where women drink and eat all the things they want, going to clubs and partying all day. A good life is when a lady cares about her health, living a healthy lifestyle, and preventing things that will cause her diseases, depression, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

 Not every girl lives to achieve this good life, so many women have died out of being careless and ignorant. The fact that death is constant doesn't mean that you should live your lives carelessly and die anyhow.

 So many young girls have lost their lives, some have no husband nor children before their death. Some have failed to achieve their dreams before death took them away.

As a woman who wants to reach her dreams and eat the fruit of her labor, there are things you need to do to reduce your chances of dying young. The major cause of untimely death is sickness (a state of being in poor health). A medical condition is the major cause of death among women. Ladies who look healthy and lively can develop a health condition at any point in time without showing any signs or symptoms.

 For you not to be taken unaware, there are things that you need to do to help reduce the development of deadly disease in your body. Some lifestyles and diets are favorable when you were much younger but as you grow older they pose a threat to your life and if care is not taken you may suffer a serious health condition that may be life-threatening.

The best thing to do is to either reduce or stop the intake of foods that are not favorable to your health. Lifestyle and diet change and help improve quality of life and increase your chances of living longer. There are things you should avoid when you clock 25 years of age. Avoiding or reducing these things prevents you from developing diseases that can shorten your lifespan.

There are life-threatening diseases a lady can develop that are capable of shortening her lifespan, examples of these diseases are diabetes, breast cancer, heart attack, lung problems, kidney problems, high and low blood pressure, stroke, vaginal cancer, etc. These diseases are very deadly and a lady can develop them at an early stage of life if not careful. As a lady, you need to reduce the intake of four major things if you want to live long in life. These things can cause serious health conditions if you keep taking too much of them.

These are the four things a lady avoid or reduce the intake when she clocks 25 years of age:

#1. Red meat

Red meat is very nutritious, it has high proteins that are good for body formation, it helps on building the body, muscles, enzymes, other tissues of the body, etc., red meat is favorable for children who are below the age of 25. It supplies them with the right nutrient they need for body formation. In adults, too much consumption of red meat can cause the development of some diseases, people at the age 25 and above as advised to reduce the intake of red meat.

Regular consumption of red meat can lead to several health problems, such as heart disease, some cancers, kidney problems, digestive issues, and mortality. Red meat is gotten from cows, goats, dogs, etc. In women, red meat increases the risk of breast cancer and heart disease. These diseases shorten the life span of a lady and may not allow them to achieve their aim in life before dying. Instead of consuming too much red meat, you should eat white meat gotten from chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, etc., or eat more fresh fish.

#2. Sodas and industrial sugar

Most women complain of waist and back pains. Much consumption of sugar, especially artificial or industrial sugar can cause you this and other serious health conditions that are life-threatening. Too much soda can increase the glucose level in a lady's blood causing her diabetes, blood cancer, and other terrible diseases. Many women don't know that industrial sugar is only meant for industrial use, individuals are not allowed to consume this sugar directly.

This sugar is capable of damaging the vital organs of a woman's body. This can affect the reproductive organs and also interrupt a woman"s menstrual flow. If you love your life and want to live longer than expected you should reduce the way you consume these things. Instead of industrial sugar, you should go for cube sugar, which is produced for home use.

#3. Junk foods

Most women love eating junk foods, they prefer to go to the roadside to buy already made foods like ice cream, canned foods, and other process foods rather than cooking by themselves. Junk food contains different dangerous chemicals that can cause serious damages to your body. Most of these foods contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring, etc. Too much such food consumption can cause a lady to develop cancer like breast cancer or blood cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

You should be careful of what you buy out there, instead of buying foods that are not favorable, you should cook your meal by yourself and prepare your juice by yourself rather than buying the one in the market that contains things that can cause you harm. Eat more fresh green vegetables and fruits 🍓, these will help you increase your chances of living longer than expected.

#4. Salt

Salt may not look deadly to you because of the flavor it adds to your meal. Most foods can't taste nice if you don't add salt. Salt is good but too much of it's can kill a lady immediately. Excess salt consumption can damage your body cells, destroy the kidney, increase blood pressure, etc.

Salt is very powerful and dangerous in that it can affect and kill a lot of our body organs in a short period. If you are using salt to cook your meal, you should allow it to cook for a very long time, to lose its chemical content. You should avoid licking raw salt or adding raw salt to your already prepared food. This can damage your kidney, intestines, etc., if you are a lady who consumes too much of it, you should stop now if you love your life.

#5. Smoke and alcohol

Many women have gone crazy in drinking and smoking. These have affected them in so many ways. A lady who smokes and drinks frequently is digging her early grave. Women's bodies can't withstand these habits. Smoking can damage the lungs, heart and cause a lady vaginal cancer and urinary tract infections. This causes shorten a lady's lifespan by causing her serious health problems. Women are advised to stay away from smoke because of the damages it can cause them. Alcohol consumption also has its bad side, this can damage a lady's womb, preventing her to conceive.

Tobacco and alcohol intake is associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer. Smoking causes most lung cancer deaths in women and more women die from lung cancer than any other cancer, including breast cancer. Smoke and alcohol can damage the airways and air sacs of our lungs to cause chronic bronchitis and breathing difficulties. It can also raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce bone density in women and increase the risk of infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth, and sudden infant death syndrome. A lady who is targeting a bright future should avoid smoking and drinking. And as the lady is aging so her chances of developing deadly diseases increases. You shouldn't do things that will cause you to harm or damage your vital organs.


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