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Man shares how his friend called off his wedding 5 days to the D-Day after finding out this

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A man on Facebook has shared in one of the Facebook groups about how one of his friends called off his wedding with his would be wife because of what he found out five days to the day of the wedding.

The outcome of marriage can be encompassing, it depends on the Calibre of person that we meet in our search for a life partner. Nevertheless, in all honesty, a broken relationship is far better than a broken marriage. Perhaps, if some people who are living in regrets "today", courtesy of the things their spouses end up doing after being married had found out those things earlier, they wouldn't had proceeded with the marriage when they did.

Nonetheless, no matter how brave we may be when it comes to ending a relationship that we have invested enough time, resources, money and practically everything on, we can't shy away from the untold pains that accompany it, most especially when we so much love the people involved.

(Photo source: Facebook/Simeon Bijida Haiwa)

However, in all, it is better to end a relationship on the verge of marriage and feel temporary pains, than blindly get married to someone and feel perceptual pains thereafter.

According to the story shared by this male Facebook User in a Facebook group, his friend had ended up calling off his marriage 5 days to the marriage day because of what he found out about his would be wife. Surprisingly, he discovered that, the soon to be wife was already 2 months pregnant for another man.

(Photo source: Facebook/Simeon Bijida Haiwa)

Check below his exact words:

"My friend called off his wedding 5 days to the day bcos he found out his supposed wife is 2 months pregnant for another guy. Ladies why na?" - Simeon revealed

No one can really understand how the man in question will be feeling right now for such unexpected and unimaginable betrayal.

But no matter how painful it may be for him, with time, he will understand that, "everything happens for a purpose" and he will be thankful to God that he called off the wedding when he did.

What if he hasn't found out and end up nurturing another person's child as his own in the future?

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