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Perruzi Replies A Lady Who Begged For Old Clothes So Her Husband Could Wear Them To Interviews

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Yesterday, a woman identified as Iya Beji commented on Aporoko Doctor's post on Twitter, she voiced out how things have been hard for her and her family after her husband lost his job, she added that Aproko Doctor should give her his old clothes so that his husband could wear them to a new job interview.

Aproko doctor replied to her, to my greatest surprise, Peruzzi all of a sudden replied to her too and asked for her account details, he also added that the woman type is rare.

Perruzi who's name is Tobechukwu Victor Okoh is a popular Nigerian musician who signed into a DMW record label owned by a popular singer Davido.

During the pandemic, he was one of those alongside Runtown who helped lots of people in giving relief to sustain them throughout the pandemic.

Yes! That's a bold step, it's better to beg like that than for her husband to look awkward for an interview or lose the job, 99%of Nigerian women can never do what that woman did cause they would be ashamed of themselves, some would say that it's not their job to do such thing since he is the man of the house.

Life has given a whole lot of people some challenges that throw difficulties go their face and they struggle and struggle without seeing results. Some human goes through a lot of obstacles, they try as much as they could to feel less of the discomforts, but they end up living in the domains of difficulties and poverty.

After this Covid19 pandemic lockdown, a lot of people have been eating from hand to mouth, various fluctuations have been occurring since this Covid19 pandemic, many are trying so greatly to eradicate sufferings while some are just living for nothing to hold on to, no certainty, no relaxation of mind.

It hasn't been easy for a lot of people, that is why you should never stop helping people when you have what it takes to help, do good to people any time you have.

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