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See What Happened To This 13-Year-Old Girl That Is Causing Stir Online

We are living in an evil world, a world where people commit evil without and iota of remorse, a world where man plans evil for his fellow man.

Only God knows where this world is driving at with the increase of sad events recorded on a daily basis. While we have to battle the incessant killings in the country by Bandits, herdsmen and Boko haram, another problem that is looking at us in the eye is child molestation. 

Nigeria's need to have stringent laws that will safeguard the abused and the vulnerable in our society, every human being is equal before the eyes of the Lord of the law, as such, there shouldn't be barriers between humans.

A sad ordeal of this young girl was shared on social media which sparks up a lot of reactions. It was reported that a young girl of about 13-year-old was rescued by Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) in Akwa Ibom state. 

The young had everyone in tears as she narrated her ordeal. Faith is from Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, in her testimony, she told the NGO that she had to take refuge on the streets, abandoned buildings, bush, due to the level of discrimination and abuses she faced in her aunt's home. 

Faith have long been living with her aunt's, according to her story, she is currently bearing her grandfather's name because she doesn't know her parent.

While sharing her ordeal, Faith said that, “At home, she faces myriads of discrimination and abuses which unfortunately compelled her to frequently sleep in abandoned buildings in other to find peace and sleep well. 

Faith has a dream, she shared with the NGO that she will love to be a medical doctor or a banker. However, all that is harboured in her mind as she has almost zero hope of having that dream come to reality.

In Faith's words. “I am planning to become a doctor or a banker by the Grace of God that’s why I study very hard in school”.

Let's keep praying for the vulnerable and those that are discriminated, do them the favour of reporting their case. Thanks.

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