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Sheikh Gumi Breaks Silence, Names 3 Group Of Persons That Can End Banditry & Insurgency In Nigeria

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The current security challenges in the country are now getting out of hand, innocent and harmless people are being killed, kidnapped on a daily basis.
Just of recent the students from the Federal College Mango were kidnapped.

Will you say the insecurity is getting worse? Or being tackled?

Ahmad Abubakar Gumi is an Islamic cleric, scholar and former military officer with the rank of captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), he is the current Mufti and mufassir at the Kaduna central mosque Sultan Bello.

The Islamic scholar, leader and cleric Sheikh Gumi has broken his long time silence of the issue of insecurity in Nigeria.

Through his facebook page he condemned the current attacks, and banditry in the country, as he also said that the kidnappers are those who don't understand the consequences of their actions and deeds, claiming that they are on a mission to pull down everyone with them down the drain.

He further stated that solving insecurity in the country is not the field of politicians or the press. According to him, social scientists, criminologists and economists should be appointed with such responsibility.

He wrote:

His post has gotten a lot of Facebook user to react, as they share their views and opinions as well. Some of the people who commented did not agree with Gumi's opinion while others are strongly in support of him.

What are your thoughts on Gumi's suggestion?

Do you think such people can tackle the issue of insecurity in Nigeria?

Please share with us your views and opinions in the comment box below.

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