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Shock as Matatu drivers is caught fucking his brother’s wife

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A matatu driver was this morning caught red-handed by his brother on top of his wife having s33x with her shamelessly. The driver would visit his brother time and again especially in the evenings when he was from work and the two brothers would have been together as they watched football together.

On the day he was caught, he went to visit his brother at around 8pm and did not find him at home. His brother was still at work since training was going through at their company. The driver tried calling his brother but he was not picking since he was busy at work.

He then thought that the moment he had been waiting for had finally come since he always been attracted to his brother’s wife. She was a beautiful, curvaceous and intelligent woman and the matatu driver always wanted to have s33x with her. He was unmarried and the thirst that he had for his brother’s wife was untamable.

He started seducing her and touching her breasts and since the woman also admired her husband’s brother, she responded and what started out as a mere attraction blew out to full-blown s33xual activity.

Meanwhile, the neighbour’s overheard everything that was going on and they called the man, telling him that his brother was screwing his wife and they could hear because they were all so loud while making love.

The man was in great shock and could not believe his brother was munching his wife. He asked for permission from work and quickly rushed home to check if what he heard from the neighbours was true.

He was shaking and trembling while driving home and the thought of his brother and wife having s33x embittered him so much. While on his way home, he called his best friend and told him about the reports he was getting from his neighbours.

Though his best friend was shocked to hear what was happening, he advised the distressed husband to call Doctor Mugwenu who would cast a love spell and stick the lovers together in order to teach them a lesson.

He did so, and told Daktari that his brother and wife were busy screwing each other in his house at that moment and he quickly wanted the sticking spell that would teach both of the cheaters an unforgettable lesson.

Doctor Mugwenu quickly swung into action and cast the spell and immediately the matatu driver and the man’s wife got interlocked and they both started wailing in pain.

By the time the man was reaching home, he found neighbours already in the house spectating at the cheating pair who were locked at their genitals. They were so ashamed to see him. The matatu driver was so ashamed to see his brother and the wife started crying asking for forgiveness.

“Please forgive me, my husband,” the wife said while in pain. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them and the neighbours beat them up and asked them to respect marriage.

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