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Sunday Igboho’s Life Is At Risk - Igboho’s Spokesman Narrates What Happened This Afternoon

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Few hours ago, an incident happened in the residence of Chief Sunday Igboho which has got so many people talking. The video of the incident was shared by the official spokesperson of Chief Sunday Igboho, Olayomi Koiki of Koiki Media few hours ago.

In the video that was shared, Koiki says that two soldiers and two civilians were caught lurking around Igboho’s residence in Soka, Ibadan this afternoon. Sunday Igboho could be heard in the video saying that ‘They sent you to come and survey my house’. 

Sunday Igboho claims that these people were caught spying on him. When they asked the soldiers where they were going, they said they do not know the exact direction of the place they were going but they were on phone call with someone who was giving them the direction. The soldiers said the civilian arrested was the bike man that was tracking the location for them.

The soldiers claimed they do not know the direction of where they were going but the bikeman was getting the direction from the person they were going to meet via phone call. After sharing their stories, Sunday Igboho and his boys concluded that it doesn’t add up. 

Sunday Igboho says that barrack is in Alakia and there is no way they would have needed to pass through his house in Soka to get to their destination. Something was fishy and Igboho claim that these people only came to his residence to survey his house.

The soldiers and others that were arrested near Igboho's residence in Soka

After arresting them, Igboho told his boys not to beat them. He proved that indeed, he does not engage in Jungle Justice. They called the Police and handed them over to them. Igboho says he would definitely get to the root of the issue but he needs to hand them over to the appropriate authority before they turned the case around and place the blame on him.

His spokesperson, Koiki informs all international communities including United Nations, African Union, European Union that what happened this afternoon indicates that there is a bounty on Igboho’s life. He says that Igboho’s life is not the only at risk but everyone associated with him. Koiki says that about a month ago, on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, they brought over 60 DSS to harm them but it did not work.

“We are not going to relent. Igboho is not just representing himself. He is representing a tribe and you will not succeed in bringing him down” Koiki says. He also warns those behind what happened this afternoon to tread carefully.

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