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We Didn't Create Ourselves, God Did - Group Of Busty Ladies Laments in a News Video (Watch)

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Some heavily busty ladies have shared their experiences on how people treat and react to their body size to the BBC News Yoruba. In a video shared on the BBC News Yoruba Facebook page, the ladies who were happy with the way God created them said they have no choice since they were not responsible for their physiques but God who created them.

One of them who is identified as Oluwatosin Fagboro said people used to make jest of her even in her house by singing for her a Yoruba folk tale song "Olomuroro ma wole o, tere nana jalankato" she said she was depressed at a point to the extent that she couldn't go out and remained indoor before she summoned courage and overcame the challenges.

According to her, at times whenever she goes to a bus stop, people began to shout, what is this!! are you normal? etc she said while some do appreciate her and wished they have such busty Brest, some do castigate her for being busty.

Another Busty lady, Oluwaseun Amao, said where Okada riders will normally collect #200, she will beg them before collecting #300 because of her busty nature.

 Remi Fatolu who was happy that other busty ladies are coming out to express themselves said it's not a sickness to be busty, she encouraged other busty ladies to show up and move on without any depression, Remi who was the first to grant an interview to the BBC News Yoruba, said after her interview with the BBC, other busty ladies are now coming up to express themselves, she encouraged other busty ladies to do same.

Watch the video here:

May they will soon establish an Association of Busty Ladies of Nigeria, ABLN who knows?

What do you think?

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