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We Will Never Allow Igbos And Yorubas To Break Away From Nigeria, No Matter How They Try —Fulani Man

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Social media goes wild after Pm news Nigeria shared news of what Sunday Igboho said. Sunday Igboho has declared the ‘Yoruba Nation’, claiming that South-Western states are no longer a part of Nigeria.

According to report, Igboho made the declaration on Wednesday evening during a conference in Ibadan, Oyo state.

However, a Fulani man identified as Meekjay on Twitter said that they will never allow Igbos and Yorubas to break away from the country.

The Fulani man tweeted, “We Will Never Allow Igbos And Yorubas To Break Away From Nigeria, No Matter How they try.”

Many Nigerians Blasted Sunday Igboho for declaring Yoruba nation, while some praised him for being brave.

See how people reacted on Twitter.

@jalal: How can a group pronounce whatever it feels suit her? It is time we come together and stamp out all differences for the greater good of all. This can be achieved by a simple referendum. So, we all can agree or disagree collectively.

@Nedu: Yoruba in Biafra Land had nothing to fear for as nobody will harm them, unless Yoruba Nation plan to attack Igbos in Yoruba land, which will ever happen. Yoruba and Biafra had suffered enough in One Nigeria. Biàfrans are with you on your independence quest.

My opinion, Sunday Igboho is wrong by declaring Yoruba nation. I thought he is only fighting killer headers in South. However, if he wants to break away, he has to follow it step by step. Nnamdi Kanu didn't rush things. He is fighting for his freedom with sense.

There is no need for them to break away because I believe that Nigeria will be great again.

The only problem we have in Nigeria is banditry and corruption. Sunday Igboho should take a chill pill and pray for Nigeria. He has proven to be a comedian.

Do you think that he is right for declaring Yoruba nation? Share your thoughts.

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