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What does it mean when a lady looks at you and do this - Man asks

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When it comes to behaviour, reaction or character between males and females, it varies due to the difference in nature in the two genders. The way males or females react to events around them is called Body language. Body languages are practiced by everyone but it's easily observed when relationship matters arises.

Body languages among females are common when the have a crush on a guy and most of the common body language includes:- Flickering of the eyes, crossing of legs and biting of lips. Most of the signs given by ladies are often overlooked while sometimes, guys are not able to understand the meaning of this signals. Because of this reason, a Nigerian guy asked through his Facebook page concerning a sign ladies give whenever the look at a guy. In his page, he posted a picture of a Lady biting her lips and he asked what this means because he doesn't know about it.

See the photo below

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