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15 Years Old Girl Who Was Chained In A Room For Several Years Finally Freed By Police [Photos]

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The Kano state police command has successfully busted another family for chaining their daughter in a room for several years. 

The police officers stormed the residence and located the young girl chained to a wall. The security team immediately freed the young girl and rushed her to hospital to ascertain her medical condition.

While at it, the security team whisked away the parents to their headquarters for interrogation and further investigation. Many people including neighbors gathered to witness the incident. Many do not know that the family has a chained daughter locked in a room.

A concerned members of the community secretly tipped the police about this sad incident which prompted the quick intervention by the Kano state police command. The parents has totally violated the fundamental human rights of this young girl by locking her in a room with no adequate facilities or proper food.

The Kano state police command is providing necessary help to the rescued young girl. She is responding to treatments while her parents were taken to the Police Force headquarters for interrogation.

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