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Adalia, A 13 Year Old Girl Who Grew Old Fast Shows Off Her Father As She Interviews Him [Watch Video]

Life is fun when we are with the people who are so dear to us. They could be our parents, siblings or friends. Such people tend to bring out the best in us. Just like Adalia Rose is having a question and answer session with her Daddy, Ryan. 

You might be wondering who Adalia is, well, Adalia is a teenager from Texas, who was born with a genetic condition called Progeria. Progeria is a condition that makes one get old faster than normal.

Adalia has been seen severally having fun moments with her mother, Natalia, and even her fellow kids. She has never allowed her condition to weigh her down. Today, Adalia is showing off her daddy, and at the same time interviewing him. Nothing gives a greater joy than knowing fully well that despite all odds, your family is still there to support and encourage you.

Just few hours ago, Adalia took to her Instagram page to flaunt photos and video of where she is asking her father questions. Obviously, it was an enjoyable moment for Adalia. This is because it's a kind of bonding with her father the more.

In all this, Adalia did not forget to be with her pet dog as always, as can be seen in the photos. Adalia's father is truly proud of her 13 year old daughter. See photos below:

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