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Adorable Photos Of The Siamese Twin Whose Brain And Skull Were Separated After A 33 Hours Surgery [Photos]

There is no joy as sweet as that of being a twin. Having an in-born playmate right from the womb, having someone you can play with, comfort you and most especially support you when others are against you. Although it can be so stressful for the parents especially the mother but it will be of great joy and help when they're grown up.

But is there really a true happiness when you are joined together with your twin, when you're can't play with each other the way twins do, when you can't make your personal decisions like other twins do, when you can't see each other face to face unless you look at the mirror. Well that was what the R² twin faced before their parents took the 50/50 bold step to separate them.

Rabeya and Rukaya were were born in July 6, 2016 in Pabna as craniopagus twins also known as conjoined twins.

The adorable baby girls who before separation suffered a rare embryological disorder affecting an estimated one in every 5-6 million birth had their heads and skull joined together.

Although they were living fine and healthy, their sad parents just like other parents would have, were facing social stigma following the ugly circumstances surrounding the birth of their daughters.

The ugly report drew the attention of prime minister Sheikh Hasina and he entrusted the Bangladesh army with what was necessary medical treatment.

The poor little girls had their brains and skull separated in August 2019 and the surgery lasted for 33 hours and it involved more than 100 surgeons and anaesthetist from home and abroad.

Although it was successful, one of them, Rukaya had some nervous weakness which made her unable to walk and speak properly while the other Rabeya was healthy and could talk properly. (That was after the separation). But I believe Rukaya is okay and fine now.

It's really wonderful that they can now face each other and behave just like every other normal twin.

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