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After Buhari Supporters Stormed UK To Halt The Protest, See The Wise Thing Police Officers Did [Watch Video]

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#HarassBuhariOutOfLondon protest started in the first week of April after the President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari took a flight to UK for a 2-week medical checkup and was expected to return back in the second week of April until reports came in that the President might extend his stay in the UK. 

The pioneers of the protest, Reno Omokri, a one time Aide to Goodluck Jonathan and Omoleye Sowore, a Human Right Activist have since been posting several updates on the protest as they have both been telling the President to come back to Nigeria and make use of the Health Care Facilities here.

In one of the protest that was held at Abuja House today, some Nigerians living in UK came out of their houses to #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon and while they were doing that, Buhari supporters stormed the protest venue to pledge their support for the President who is currently resting in the UK. They carried placards with different inscription, praying for the President to live long and for God to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

On sighting the presence of Buhari supporters, the UK Police Officers who were there at the protest ground to ensure that violence does not erupt quickly moved to where Anti-Buhari and Buhari protesters were standing, while the latter where in front of Abuja House, the former where on the other side of the road and the Police Officers stood in the middle to prevent both parties from engaging in a brawl or fight.

On seeing UK Police Officers, #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon protesters started singing and expressing their plight in the state of governance back in their country. They spoke on the killings in Idigbo, Rivers State and also reminisced on how people allegedly lost their lives at Lekki Toll Gate. The protesters went ahead to snap and make a video of Buhari supporters from a distance as the Police Officers prevented them from moving an itch to the other side where Buhari supporters were standing. Some of the supporters hid their faces as the protesters brought out their phones to snap them.

After a while, Buhari supporters left the scene of the protest and were booed by the protesters who did not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that they chase them out of Abuja House.

Watch the video below:

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As a Nigerian who does not like disgrace, I so much commend the UK Police Officers for being friendly and ensuring that Anti-Buhari and Buhari supporters do not engage in a fight or brawl. Their wise decision to stand at their middle speaks well of the level of training they have acquired as an Officer.

Don't you think these protesters are going too far? they are gradually letting our country down and making us lose value in the eyes of others by constantly speaking on Buhari's government in London. Like, share and drop a comment.
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