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Couple Caught Selling Biscuits Made With Hard Drugs To Kids [Photos]

The operatives of the National drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA) have arrested two undergraduates for selling cookies made with hard drugs to little kids in school. The couple identified as Rhoda Agboje and her boyfriend Ifeayin Nwankwo are both 300 level students.

The both of them normally make children cookies and biscuits with hard drugs like Arizona, Alcohol, Ryphonol and different cannabis. These cookies are not just sold to kids alone, they are also sold to other members of the public that are not aware.

Their cup became full when Rhoda was caught with four pieces of the said cookies. This happened on Sunday, and she was also arrested by the NNPC cooperative estate in Abuja. She was arrested due to the fact that someone complained that Rhoda had given a little girl some cookies, and she started misbehaving, couldn't talk well and she couldn't also sleep.

When she was being interrogated on how she operates, she confessed that she normally makes the cookies with these drugs and then she sells them for One thousand five hundred Naira (1500Naira).

After her confession, the police raided her boyfriend's house and found 200 more of those drugged cookies in his home. They confessed to selling at different parties too, and mostly to school kids.

Alot of people may wonder why they would drug those biscuits that way, well this is because when you eat something with drugs excessively, you would get addicted. Once you are addicted to the cookies, you would definitely come back for more and that is how they make enough money from selling such.

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