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I Am Receiving So Many Emails Asking Me Not To Reveal The Address Of Buhari’s Doctor - Reno Omokri

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Following the online trending post on Twitter about #HarassBuhariOutofLondon, many Nigerians has sparkled reactions about it.

Reno Omokri stated in his tweet about Buhari and this got lots of reactions.

@renoomokri on Twitter stated "I am receiving so many unsolicited emails asking me not to reveal the address of General @mBuhari's doctors, as that is a violation of his privacy.

But what about the lives of #EndSARS protesters? What about the 487 Shiite men, children and infants?


This post of Reno Omokri attracted a lot of comments from Nigerians.

@DrahcirNat on Twitter stated "I think you shouldn't reveal the address. He is still the president of Nigeria. Embarrassing him internationally wouldn't wear a good fragrance on our country. So far, you have done well, albeit."

@Izyway_official on Twitter stated "You wouldn't know the hope you bring to this country sir, one day when everything is right your name would never be forgotten cause you're among the heart that pumps hope to this nation."

"Those people saying you shouldn't reveal it ask them if their children were held or kidnapped by Boko Haram it after training them as doctors they start working and not get paid cause the government do not care about them would they have the decency to say that?" @Izyway_official tweeted.

@Larry51869792 on Twitter stated "He's a public officer and such info shouldn't be hidden in the first place. So reveal it!"

@Izyway_official retweeted "Our aircraft just crashed no remorse for the diseased or victims family, what we got was an argument stating whether it was Boko Haram or fault from the engine, sir we deserve more and I know and believe where you're standing it was ok...."

@orsar_dennis on Twitter stated "As a public servant who is being paid by tax payers money... Likely being treated by tax payers money... We, Nigerians want to know where he is receiving treatment... Who is giving the treatment and for what."

@uz_jac on Twitter stated "@renoomokri, I don't forget Nigerians vot r for @MBuhari, not once but twice, so it is not a mistake."

@AO2weet on Twitter stated "Reveal everything... Had it been it's Also Rock, citizens would not even be that close before they will start their brutality on them. Make him feel insecure just as every Nigeria is feeling on a daily basis."

@leetusa on Twitter stated "He is the president right, why can't he rather invite the doctors instead of running to London for rejuvenation. Whilst they politically distracted Nigerians with Aisha Buhari's book lunch.

Read between the lines."

@somawilliams on Twitter stated "Privacy ke, the moment he became the president of Nigeria he can't rest in peace anymore, at least not in this world and time. As we can't enforce the chapter 2 of our constitution through law courts, we can enforce same through peaceful protest as recognized in the constitution."

Source: @renoomokri on Twitter

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