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I caught my wife having s33x with a guy she had met on Facebook

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My name is Alex and I was married to my wife of 10 years where we had two young kids. We both loved and supported each other in the union.

My wife was always good to me. She took care of the home, our two children and also served me well conjugally. I loved her so much and I in turn always provided her needs and showed her my affection.

One day, however, my wife told me she was going to the salon to make hair and said she would take longer than usual since her hairdo was a bit advanced. I allowed her to go and since it was on a weekend I decided to stay home and watch the kids.

She stayed in the salon the whole day and only came at home at 9 pm and when I looked at her hairstyle, it did not look as complicated as she had said. I was confused for a moment.

The problem is, she did this almost every weekend in the weeks that followed. She always claimed she is going to the salon to either get her nails or hair done and spend the whole day. One Saturday, after she returned, she went to the bathroom to take a shower when her phone received a message where a man asked her whether she had arrived home already.

Another message also came in saying he missed her since their s33xual activities were unforgettable. I was so shocked and I could not believe my wife was cheating on me and lying that he was going to the beauty salon so as to see her boyfriend.

I was so shattered but I did not want to show her that I had busted her since she could have vehemently denied. I retired to bed that evening with so much heaviness in my heart since I did not know how to handle the situation.

My wife left for church the next Sunday morning where I lied to her that I had a headache so that I could stay at home and figure out how I was going to handle my wife’s infidelity.

After she left, I cried and, in my desperation, I called my big brother whom I shared with my predicament. He advised me to call Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 so as to help me catch my wife red-handed cheating on me.

I decided to follow his advice where I called Doctor Mugwenu that very Sunday where he told me he would perform love spells to stick the two cheaters together so that I could bust them. The doctor performed the spells and a few minutes after that, my phone rang and it was a friend calling, telling me my wife was in trouble since she was having s33x with some other guy and go stuck while in a well-known hotel just near our home.

Those words almost killed me because my wife had lied she had gone to church but instead went to sleep with her lover. I rushed to the hotel where I found a crowd spectating at my wife and her lover whom I later came to learn was a guy my wife had met on Facebook.

They were so humiliated because people were laughing at them since they were stuck at their private parts. Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and my wife was so ashamed that she came pleading to me for forgiveness. I forgave her since I wanted our family to be happy. That guy disappeared and has never been seen again.

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