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I heard my wife having s33x with my nephew while saying: “Aki wewe ni mtamu kuliko bwana yangu,” and I almost went crazy

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Three days ago, karibu nimchape bibi yangu wakiwa na nephew wangu. Things went sour after I busted them munching each other and imagine, bibi yangu alimwambia nephew wangu mimi si mtamu. Here is what happened:

My nephew, Jeff, is 24-years-old and he came in my house so as I accommodate him in my house kabla apate hustle. He came over and after an unsuccessful job hunt, he decided to help my wife in her mtumba business.

He and my wife were therefore spending a lot of time together managing the business and making sales. I loved that they were getting along and I also knew that their relationship was strictly business and nothing more. But I was mistaken.

One day, after we ate supper, I went straight to bed and left both of them in the kitchen doing dishes after which I expected them to go to bed. I then woke up from sleep at around 2am and found my wife had not joined me in bed. I jumped out of bed to look for her.

On reaching the sitting room, lights were on but she was not there too. So I called out her name because I thought something bad had happened to her. On calling her, I heard the door to Jeff’s room click open and then she appeared. When I asked her where he had been, she said she was in the kitchen drinking some water.

Her night dress had been worn inside out and she looked so tensed you could tell I woke her up. I was equally shocked to know she was in my nephew’s room and even lied about it. That meant she was hiding something and probably even sleeping with my nephew under my nose.

We both went to bed, but I could not sleep. I could not believe that my wife was possibly sleeping with my nephew not have any tangible evidence and I decided I would investigate and see if I could catch them. . I, however, did

The next as I was going to work, I met with my neighbour who was also a friend and since I did not have anybody to tell my problems, I told him of how I was suspecting my wife.

“I cannot believe your wife and nephew are doing that. Ata mimi mara mingi huwa nawaskia. Bibi yako hupiga nduru akimwambia nephew yako ata anajuwa kumkula kukulik. You need to ask for Doctor Mugwenu services,” my neighbour told me.

That night I went home, stressed and decided to wake in the middle of the night to see if I could catch them. Again at 3am, I woke up, my wife was not in our bed. I tiptoed to Jeff’s bedroom to see if I could catch them red-handed. On reaching I was shocked to hear my wife tell my nephew that he was sweeter than I was.

“ Aki wewe uko sawa, uko mtamu kuliko ata bwana yangu,” I almost fainted.

I cried and cried since I thought I was f**cking my wife in the way that she likes it but here she was akisema mimi si mtamu. I immediately decided to call Doctor Mugwenu with the number my neighbour had given me.

After calling the Doctor on he immediately performed love spells to stick them together. Immediately after Doctor Mugwenu did the spells, I heard my nephew screaming:

“Aki nimekwama, nini kinaendelea, siwezi toka ndani yako! What is going on?” He screamt

That’s when I kicked the door open na nikawapata hapo wakiwa uchi, stuck at their genitals and looking very embarrassed. They almost collapsed on seeing me and at that moment I descended on both of them with kicks and blows for disrespecting.

They cried saying they were sorry and after they were unstuck I threw my nephew out of my house. I forgave my wife kwani I loved her despite all.

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