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Meet The 91 Years Old Police Officer Who Has Refused To Retire

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L.C Buckshot Smith was born and raised in Camden, Arkansas and has lived there throughout his life. Growing up he had always wanted to be a police officer or a firefighter. He finished high school at 17 and completed two grades in one year. He started working since I was 16 years old.

L.C Buckshot Smith will be 92 years old on May 12 and he's the oldest police officer still working in Arkansas and the whole of America. 

However, he had first retired back in 2012, because he wanted to start up a business for himself, he apparently spent five months in retirement, which he labeled those months as "terrible". Smith loves to work for the Law enforcement. At 91 he has no plans to retire. 

He says he'll retire "when the good lord says so." Buckshot Smith has worked in law enforcement for more than 56 years. "We have a population of about 11,000 people here in Camden and I know practically everyone. 

People often recognize me on the street or when I'm driving, they'll wave and say, "Hi Buckshot!" Most people know me by the name Buckshot. I've had that nickname ever since I was 14 years old." He said.

The city of Camden will forever be grateful for his services in ensuring the safety of their community. What a legend!

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