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More Crisis To Come? A Month After Pastor Philip Nwete Warned Against Crisis in the East, It Has Started Already

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Recall that last month, KINGSPARO.NG reported that Pastor Philip Nwete in a live video on Facebook warned Easterners against crisis that will be arising soon in the East. In the post, KINGSPARO.NG shared a video of the Prophecy, in case you missed [Tap Here to Watch It]. 

Following the recent happening in Imo State, A correctional facility and police investigations department in Owerri were set alight by unidentified attackers in an overnight operation on Monday - KINGSPARO.NG reports. 

While reacting to the incident that happened in Owerri last night, Pastor Philip Nwete call on Nigerians to pray for East for God to avert more crisis that might arise in future. 

He wrote:

With what is happening currently in Imo State now, Please let Pray for the East. 

I saw this revelation last month 
Which I also shared to everyone here on social media on 4th of March and its exactly 1 month today.

Please let join hand's and cry to God for his Divine intervention.
 Psalms 44:26 Arise for our help, and redeem us for thy mercies' sake.

I hope there is not more Crisis to come? I don't like unrest! 

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