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My wife was scr£wing the houseboy under my nose

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My name is Paul and I was married to my wife for six years and we had one son together. After many of years of frustrations from house girls, my wife and I decided to try out house boys due to frustrations from house girls who were always running away from our home two days after beginning work.

The experience with house boys was not bad. Most of them were obedient and hardworking and we decided to permanently work with house boys. My wife and I were working from morning to evening and therefore needed a domestic manager to stay at home with our son.

We got a house boy whose name was Zack and he was my favourite worker. He would wake up early, prepare breakfast, do laundry and perfectly take care of my five-year-old son. He was just but amazing. He grew a good friendship with my wife which I liked because we were all impressed with his work.

One day, I was looking for my shirt in my closet and I could not find it and even after asking my wife, she also said she had not seen it. I then thought to check in Zack’s room since he was the one doing our laundry and ironing our clothes.

On entering his room since he was in the kitchen making breakfast, I checked on his bed and I was so surprised after coming across my wife’s bra in his blankets. I thought my eyes were lying to me but when I looked closer, indeed it was my wife’s undergarment.

My first thought was to go and confront the two but on second thought, I did not have the evidence and hence they would have both denied. My wife used to wash her inner wears and hang them in our bathroom and so finding her bra in our house boy’s room was pretty shocking.

I hurriedly took another shirt and stormed out of the house so that I could think clearly on what I had found but one thing I knew for sure was that my wife and house boy were up to something fishy which I desperately wanted to uncover.

I went to work that morning after leaving the duo in my house and I was completely stressed. I shared with my colleague at work, who was also a close friend of mine about what had transpired and he told me that it was obvious they were cheating if I found her bra in his bed.

“Bro, those two have been having sex under your nose! That is total disrespect! You should contact Doctor Mugwenu to help you catch the two red-handed,” my colleague told me. He explained that Doctor Mugwenu used love spells to catch cheating partners.

I took the doctor’s number from my workmate and I called him on +254 740637248 where he indeed confirmed he had powers to catch cheating partners. I immediately left the office and went to meet him where he cast spells that would stick my wife to Zack when they would have s33x.

I went home that evening and pretended everything was fine. My wife and I went to sleep at 10 pm where I fell asleep fast due to the fatigue and stress I had been under during the day.

At around 1am, I was awoken by loud screams coming from the houseboy’s room and when I stormed into the room, I found my wife had sneaked into Zack’s room and they both naked and stuck at their genitals having llicit s33x in my house. I was so furious and I scolded them for their betrayal. They were in so much pain which I wanted to use to teach them a lesson with.

Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck them and they both tearfully begged for forgiveness. I decided to forgive my wife because I still loved her but I fired the house boy for disrespecting me.

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