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OPINION: Three Costly Mistakes Ikonso Made That Contributed To His Death Which People Should Avoid

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The death of top Commander of Eastern Security Network, (ESN) Ikonso is still generating reactions from members of the pubic as it came as a surprise to many people.

Ikonso was killed during a joint security operation in Imo State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Many Nigerians condemned the killing of Ikonso and six others by the military suggesting that it has the tendency of radicalizing the ESN which is an armed security wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) created by Nnamdi Kanu.

Well, while the mixed opinions over the death of Ikonso rages, there is need to point out three costly mistakes Ikonso made which others can learn from. 

If Ikonso had avoided these three big mistakes, it is possible that he would have escaped being killed and still live. After all, nobody deserves to lose his/her life especially when no court has convicted the person to die.

He allowed people to take pictures with him and share.

Being the commander of ESN which is an arm of IPOB that was controversially tagged a ''terrorist'' group by the Nigerian government, Ikonso is supposed to avoid unnecessary attention bearing in mind that he is a top target of the Nigerian authorities. Taking pictures with friends and allowing them to share and take him on social media should have been avoided or minimized by Ikonso.

Even if he could not avoid taking pictures with his friends, he could at least tell them not to share his pictures on social media or tag him. Those pictures helped to give out Ikonso's identity which helped in identifying him easily.

Ikonso failed to flee after hearing that security agencies were coming for him and his men.

True, that was not the the first time soldiers and other security forces came to attack ESN in Imo. There were other instances before that one. Ikonso and his men resisted the security forces after putting up a good fight. Although, they lost a few men in those clashes. But, Ikonso should have known that he would not always survive the onslaught all the time. He should have fled or hid when he heard that the joint security forces came for him and his men this time.

The security forces understood the war strategy of ''striking the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.'' That was why they simply targeted Ikonso this time. They came to take him down. Ikonso should have read the handwriting on the wall by fleeing and going into hiding from where he could still control his men.

That was what Ojukwu did during the Biafra Civil War. Kanu did the same thing when it became obvious that he might be killed as he was targeted a number of times in deadly attacks. Sometimes in war, you run so that you will live to fight another day.

Ikonso relied so much on his charms.

This seems to be the biggest mistake Ikonso made. His charms might have worked for him all along, but he should not have relied on the charms so much as if they would never fail him. His opponents would have sought ways to neutralize his charms since they know that the charms have always worked. It was because of the charms that would have made Ikonso not to think of running away into hiding. He simply believed that bullets would not enter his body (''Odeshi'' is the slang for it in Igbo language).

Maybe Ikonso believed that nothing would happen as his charms would still work. Alas! Even his charms failed him when he needed them so much to save his life. He was killed in that operation alongside six others who might even be Ikonso's strongest men in the ESN. Nothings lasts forever. Prevention is always the best option. Ikonso's death hit ESN and Kanu so hard that it shook the group and even the country. Others can learn from Ikonso's costly mistakes and do things better.

Nnamdi Kanu Mourn ESN Legend Ikonso and Vow To Avenge His Death - Rest On Freedom Fighter - YouTube
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