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Revealed!!! The Beautiful Nigerian lady who Died on Easter Sunday, Read what led to her death

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Death indeed is such a tragic and painful thing, the emptiness and sadness which definitely comes from friends and families after a loss is quite difficult to bear. 

Easter Sunday was the moment of happiness to many, but for a family, it was tears, sadness and a huge loss, after it saw a painful incident where a beautiful Nigerian lady who was loved by many, both friends and family was no more. 

Blessing Nyityo, a university of Mkar graduate, also known as Viju was known to have gone into a coma on Sunday before being rushed to the hospital, and was then pronounced dead.

According to her brother who first shared the sad news, the beautiful Nigerian lady, Blessing was known to have allegedly slumped and hit her head on Easter Sunday somewhere not disclosed, which led to a severe head injury. However, according to a Benue activist who furthermore revealed the update, he said he had spoken with her sister, and asked about the condition, after she slumped and fell, where he got a positive response, revealing that she will come out of the coma which she was.

The activist stressed that it was heartbreaking when it was finally revealed that Blessing Nyityo was unable to wake up from the coma, and had given up the ghost. The man furthermore prayed for the family to bear the loss of such a being, while encouraging them that God has called her home. Friends and loved ones were nonetheless quick to eulogize her, noting that she was hardworking, caring and lively, as they prayed for her soul to rest in the bossom of the Lord. What a painful and heartbreaking moment indeed. May God strengthen the family and friends.

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