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The Policeman Nigerians Raised Money For Speaks On Why He Acted The Way He Did When Being Assaulted

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Earlier yesterday, Sahara reporters disclosed how a good policeman acted after he was being assaulted by a civilian who broke the traffic rules in Lagos.

The civilian whose name is Ebhomenyen, a 33-year-old man neglected the traffic rules and started fighting the policeman after he was asked why he did what he did.

The policeman whose name is Sunday Erhabor the Assistant Superintendent in the police force kept mute and didn't retaliate when he was been beaten and afflicted with several injuries all over his body. Nigerians seeing what this man portrayed raised the sum of 500k to compensate him for his kind gesture and calmness all through the assault.

Like I said in my previous post, some policemen would have shot this young man with anger when he started harassing him, but this man ignored everything the man did to him.

This evening, just as posted by punch newspapers, the young man disclosed in an interview with Kayode Oyero why he left mute when he was being arrested, he disclosed that all his life as a policeman, he has never shot anyone no matter the situation. He disclosed that he has been in the police force since 1992, which is making it 29years he is offering a diligent duty as a policeman.

The 53-year-old celebrated policeman also disclosed that he has 3years left for his retirement after serving the police force for 29years.

He also disclosed how he was badly treated during the End sars movements, it wasn't easy for him, but that didn't make him turn sour at citizens, he still maintained his humble behavior.

This man could have intervened, no one could have questioned why he intervened cause he was on his right and the civilian defaulted, but he didn't act up after everything the man did to him, his act was very much appreciated by Nigerians, that was one of the reasons they raised 500k within 24hours.

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