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True Love! I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Her Even Though She's Turning Into A Tree - Man Vows [Video]

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Oftentimes, I have tried to understand and come to the conclusion of what unconditional Love implies, what it means to love someone without season even when something about them changes for the bad.

Sometimes I see loved-up photos and videos of beautiful couples and I ask myself, will this love withstand trials and tribulations that will come in the future, or will it wither along the way?.

Going through my Facebook account, I came across the touching story of a couple who have shown me that true love means and the essence of loving someone passionately to stand for them during their trying times. The story so far has drawn several reactions from people on Facebook that they say nice things to the couple.

According to the video shared, an emotional man whose girlfriend is going through some serious health challenges has sworn to stand by her despite her deteriorating health.

According to the video, it has revealed that the poor girl contracted an infection in 2014 which they thought nothing much of. While she was 15 years old 7 years ago, she started feeling pains in her knees, after going to the hospital nothing was made of the pains and she continued to live her life.

Right now, the girl's health has deteriorated so much that she basically can't do things for herself, she needs help to move about as well as do other things.

Ever since her health got worst, her devoted boyfriend has sworn never to leave her side and has stayed by her through thick and thin. This gesture goes a long way to show how very much he loves her and also proves that love truly does exist.

He insists that she is still the person he wants to spend his life with, even though she has turned into a tree, he will always stand by her.

Currently, it has been gathered from the video that the girl is turning not a 'tree' and no one had an idea of what her illness is, where it is coming from, or ways to help her.

The video has made so many people leave encouraging comments to the couple while commending the boy for deciding to stand by his girlfriend through this trying time. 

It excites me to witness such sweet genuine love in this time and age and also, this should encourage all of us to learn to appreciate those we love.

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Below are top comments by people who got touched by their story and now believe in the existence of true love:

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